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This message has also been sent to each individual student via Canvas.

Dear students of the College and the Graduate School of Child Development and Education,

We can hardly imagine it anymore, on campus education. As if it is something from another world. And many of you will miss it too, the spontaneous contact with your fellow students and teachers, the coffee moments on the Brug or in CREA. We realize that the corona crisis has a major impact on your study pleasure and personal life. Insecurity, health and financial concerns, work-life balance. And of course studying at home is also quite a challenge.

Thank you for your flexibility

Through this message we would like to let you know that we have a lot of admiration and appreciation for the flexibility and dedication with which you have adapted to the new situation in such a short time. We do everything we can to ensure that education continues as much as possible to prevent study delays. A lot goes well with this, but sometimes it is also a question of finding the most suitable form or adjustment. We have received good feedback from many students about, among other things, the online examination in block 4. Thank you for that. We are happy to include these comments in the organization of the coming blocks. In this way, we implement online education together.

Stay in contact

Thank you for finding us too! The study advisers notice that the number of questions / conversations is picking up again and that you are seriously planning your next academic year, very positive! So keep in touch and do not hesitate to ring the bell if things are going less well with your studies or private life.

We know that studying at home requires a lot of motivation and perseverance, but keep it up for a while. For useful tips on studying at home, also see the following website.

Academic year 2020-2021

Unfortunately, we cannot say anything yet about what education will look like from September onwards. Depending on the government's corona measures, education will be either (partly) on campus and partly online or completely online. We will inform you about this in the beginning of June at the latest.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment in this difficult time, and keep up the good spirit!

On behalf of all colleagues from the Department for Child Development and Education,


Erna van Hest and Andries van der Ark
Directors College and Graduate School Child Development and Education