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We are looking for students who join our Treeway Summer Challenge 2015 and will help us to solve the disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). We offer master/PhD students in the field of Biologie, Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio Informatics, Chemistry and Mathematics a once in a lifetime study opportunity! The students will travel around the world and applying their knowledge and creativity to help increase the social impact of this devastating disease during the summer of 2015.




What is ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis)?


The social impact of last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge was unprecedent but still 300.000 people worldwide are living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also know als Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. It is a devastating disease leading to muscle weakness, difficulty in swallowing, speech, and eventually paralysis and death. There is no treatment and the average life expectancy of ALS patients is only three years. 



About us…


Treeway is a biotech company with the mission to develop therapies to cure ALS. It was founded in 2020 by two ALS patients and entrepreneurs, Bernard Muller and Robbert Jan Stuit, who are pioneering new avenues on research, medication and care with a focus on patient involvement. They also founded the largest global genetic study, Project MinE (



Treeway Summer Challenge 2015


We are recruiting 8 extraordinary creative talented Master and PhD students in the field of Biologie, Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio Informatics, Chemistry and Mathematics. In a team you will work with big data and try to develop physiologically-based ALS models. During this 11-week challenge we offer you research in several distinctive areas in science. You will travel to meet academic health and business professionals in several different countries and apply big data analytics to analyse these data in order to obtain a deeper understanding of ALS disease progression. These data will be donated by sponsors, research centres, non-profit organisations and public sources. Donated data can be for example: (anonymous) clinical (trial) data, epidemiological data, pharmacy data and registry data. Public data can be the pro-act database, published and public available data via internet from patients. 



What is the challenge…?


To meet our challenge we have one goal: what is in the data?



·         Can you get the key to discover the cause of ALS?


·         Can you understand why there are as many patients as different types of disease progression?


·         Can you predict the disease progression of an ALS patient?


·         Can you find the reason why all drugs tested so far did not what they should do?        



What do we offer…?


An intensive and fun (contest) challenge where you will develop skills such as team working, leadership, personal resilience and/or personal effectiveness. Moreover, it will be an extraordinary way of applying your knowledge and creativity to help increase the social impact of a devastating disease. You will meet academic health and business professionals from all over the world! Of course we planned a lot of fun activities too!



A once in a lifetime opportunity to take on a real world challenge fully sponsored (e.g. tickets, housing, catering, etc..). The Treeway Challenge team will also jointly participate in the Prize4Life Stratification challenge enabling you to win $25.000 (more info soon…) This Summer Challenge starts on June 21st (int. ALS Day) in New York with the (New) Amsterdam City Swim and will bring you furthermore in Boston, Lisboa, Seville, Rotterdam and will be finished in Amsterdam September 6th with the Amsterdam City Swim. You will be accompanied by a personal coach and of course our Treeway Executive team is ready for you! 




Join the Treeway Summer Challenge!

·         Are you a dynamic master/Phd Student with an excellent performance in the field of Biology, Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio Informatics, Chemistry or Mathematics?


·         Are you available in the period of June 21st till September 6th without interventions?


·         Do you have a strong level of commitment?


·         Are you fluent in English?


·         Are you a team player?


·         Are you able to analyse, work process accordingly, prioritize and make pragmatic decisions when necessary?


·         Do you have social media and communications skills?


·         Will you remain focused and structured in order to achieve goals while at the same time being empathetic, likeable and well respected?


·         Are you the one that makes the difference?


…then we are looking for you!


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