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The construction of LAB42 is progressing rapidly. What has been done in the past week and what will happen this week? This week: sheet pile wall will partially be drilled in.

Week 40 and 41

Last week (28 September - 2 October) work started on the temporary sheet pile wall, which must be installed to create the deeper parts of the building (lift pit, gray water and sprinkler basin, etc.).

This sheet pile wall is not applied with a traditional vibratory hammer, but the sheet pile panels are pressed. Compared to the traditional technique, this method is low-vibration and produces considerably less noise and vibrations.

Unfortunately, last week it turned out that the necessary depth of 15 metres cannot be reached due to the hard sand soil; reaching only as far as 10 metres instead. After several days of trying and making adjustments to the method, the builder has been forced to use a different method to create the sheet pile wall. This is the conventional 'drilling in' of the walls.

This drilling method also adheres to the legal requirements, but does create more noise and nuisance for the surrounding area compared to the pressing method. How much nuisance this will cause remains to be seen. This is what the builders will do, starting tomorrow (7 October):

  • The sheet pile panels are applied using the pressing method as much as possible; ergo with little noise and vibrations.
  • Wherever the required depth cannot be reached, the drilling method will be used.
  • The drilling will be carried out in the morning, between 7:00 and 10:00.
  • These building activities are expected to take until Friday, 16 October.
  • Noise and vibrations are registered and effects of the building activities are carefully monitored.

For more information and questions about the construction of LAB42, please do not hesitate to contact Leonie Offereins, area manager: