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Next week preparations will start for the construction of an internal rearrangement in Building D of Science Park 904. The large hall for experimental setups will undergo some reconstruction to create more study spaces for students.

Artist impression of the new study islands

To meet the need for more study spaces for students, 114 study spaces will be created in the experiment hall in Building D. Three separate islands will be suspended in the hall, with access from the corridor on the first floor of Building D (the hallway connecting Buildings C and F). The study spaces are realised in collaboration with the University Library.

The hall houses several experimental setups belonging to the Institute of Physics. Naturally, in the design and planning of the construction works, extra care is being taken to protect the high-end yet vulnerable equipment that will remain in the hall. Issues such vibrations, acoustics and climate, as well as minimising the general inconvenience of the construction works have all been taken into account.


The preparations will commence in the week of 16 December. In order to minimise noise complaints, the first phase of construction - fixating the overhead steel constructions on which the islands will be built - will start during the Christmas break and last until the second week of January. During the second construction phase, which will take place later in 2020, construction of the islands will be completed. The study spaces are expected to be available for use before the start of the new academic year.