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Parties CSR

This page provides an overview of the parties running for the Central Student Council (CSR) and what their views are.

De Vrije Student

De Vrije Student (The Free Student) puts students in the first place. That means that all lectures should be available online, that there should be more space in the university to study and that we are in favour of a higher teaching level in international classes. We find it important that you can evolve yourself to the utmost level during your time in college. Being a student is more than just study: it also comprehends the possibility to become a board member of your study association, to have a job next to your study or enjoy your free time in Amsterdam! We want you to be able to make use of these possibilities by giving you online lectures.

At the same time, we stand for a realistic university: of course, we are not against gender neutral toilets or vegan food in the cantina, but can the university’s money not in the first place be spent in another way? We say: first the study spaces and online lectures, and after that we can look into other subjects. That is how we distinguish ourselves from other parties.


Diversity, sustainability, accessibility and transparency, these are UvASociaal core pillars. We were founded in the year 2006 and have worked tirelessly to have the voice of the average student heard in the decision-making process of the university since then. Our goal in UvASociaal is a university that exists as a democratic and inclusive community with equal opportunities for all. This community is ideally one where accessibility of higher education and the quality of education is and will always remain the priority. Our members believe that we have a vital role to play in improving the university and we welcome everyone who believes they can help us in representing the students and to let their voice be heard.

Some examples of what we stand for:

  • The ability to study regardless of one’s socio-economic background
  • Proposals such as the Green Commitment to reduce the ecological footprint of the
  • University and its student associations
  • Smaller number of students in tutorial groups
  • A higher budget for teaching and the improvement of its quality
  • More blended learning incorporated into our education (lecture recordings, online tests)


We are a student party at the University of Amsterdam working to increase transparency in decision-making at the institution and improve your student experience. We are diverse, curious, ambitious, and determined to bring these values to university politics. We believe in more student involvement in university politics to create a more interconnected, interactive university. We strive to close the gap between university governance and the student community through direct and transparent democracy. We aim for solutions benefiting all students at the University of Amsterdam. Five goals of Inter are: transparent and democratic decision-making, quality of education and academic flexibility, diversification of backgrounds of the student body, improved student welfare and sustainable policies and practices.


SLAAFS originated from discontent over the party system of the student council elections at the Faculty of Science, which caused only abstract promises to be made that more often than not weren’t realised. That’s why the party program of SLAAFS is encompassed in one point: free beer! We want to give back to the student directly, which we do so with our free beer drinks. This way we do not only bring the council closer to the students but also create more of a community at our university. Every one of our candidates represents their views and opinions, so every promise made is kept whenever possible. The candidates with the most preference votes will be the ones joining the council for us. At SLAAFS you can be as (un)serious as you want to, as long as you have the support and votes of your fellow student. Our motto is ‘Honest, Simple, Beer’. We are honest about our goals, we don’t make it any harder than it has to be and above all, we have our free beer drinks to give back to our supporters. 

Anti-corona Partij

A few weeks ago, the chairwoman of the UvA, Geert ten Dam, promised to attend to the wellbeing of her students during this corona crisis. Sadly, months into this crisis she has not lived up to her promises. Instead of attending to our welfare, we are now ordered to register our room through shady software when we are making an at-home exam (proctoring). Additionally, we are still paying loads of money for terrible online education, especially international students are used as milk cows. And whilst the world is burning, we are still expected to get high grades. It seems like the crisis is everywhere except at the UvA.

I might not be politically correct but I’m not here to fill up my resume. I’m here to remind Geert of the dire situation we are in. When I get elected, I will fight to half the tuition fees for all the students. In addition to that, I will force the UvA to freeze the grade averages, which has been done in a lot of major universities already, and proctoring must be off the table.