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Parties AMC

This page provides an overview on which parties are running for the AMC Faculty Student Council (FSR) and what their views are.


In our career as future medical professionals, global health has become a central concept. Local health problems are national health problems, and national health problems are international health problems. Nevertheless, medicine at the UvA is still only aimed at training future Dutch doctors. Alone, we cannot deal with the upcoming health problems. We can only do that together.

We stand up for future international medical leaders.
We stand up for interfaculty collaboration.
We stand up for learning the trade together, with our interdisciplinairy partners.

We are INTER.

Party LEEF

Party LEEF stands for high quality, sustainable, focused on flowering and looking ahead. These are not only our four core values, but also the base from which this party is set up. With our experience within the student council, both at faculty level and central level, we want to ensure that this party adds council members who are knowledgeable and who receive the right guidance to get the most out of their council year, both on a personal and 'business' level. 

Core values

Our core values are based on our experiences of defects and quality improvements within the education of both faculty programs. The four core values of LEEF are:

  • You create high-quality education made for and with students;
  • Attention to the sustainability of you as a student: timely and clear provision of information like schedules. In addition, the curriculum should pay sufficient attention to climate change and sustainability of healthcare;
  • Focused on flourishing (self-development) within and outside the curriculum (minors, electives);
  • Looking ahead so that you are well prepared for your future. This includes information about alternative masters, but also preparation for work after your studies.

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