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USC Deal for first-year students

USC Deal: one year of free sports, specifically for first-year students.

No doubt your student days are beginning quite a bit differently than you could ever have imagined. More online lectures. Fewer pub crawls. And all that after a long summer without the usual final exams and graduation parties. The UvA will be doing everything it can to get your student life off to a good start. This deal will allow you to exercise for free at the UvA sports centre for one year: USC.

Who is the USC Deal intended for?

The USC Deal is for all first-year students starting a UvA Bachelor's programme in September 2020.

Code in your email

You will receive a code in your mailbox in early September. You can use it to ‘purchase’ a passe-partout membership (worth €280) for free via the USC website. Your proof of registration will show that you meet the conditions.

Passe-partout membership

This membership will allow you to engage in sports seven days a week, as often as you like. You can exercise on your own in one of the four fitness centres, go bouldering and take as many group lessons as you want in fitness, martial arts, basketball, yoga and much more. 

How do you register?

All the information will be provided in the email sent to first-year students early September.


Please contact the USC via