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Information and evaluation

Below you will find several initiatives for improvement in the area of information and evaluation, which were implemented based on results from the NSE survey.

IIS Round table

The Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) invites all first-year students at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels for a round table discussion about their programme with the programme director or coordinator. It takes place in groups of up to 20 students. Throughout the year, each student will be given a turn to share his or her views. The programme will arrange lunch (or drinks and snacks, depending on the meeting time).

UvA Q reports

In the NSE, students indicated that they were not satisfied with the information that they were provided about teaching evaluations. Before, the UvA Q course evaluation results were sent to the lecturers, Boards of Studies, and the College and Graduate School directors. Because of the NSE results these reports are now also sent to students. The UvA Q reports summarise the opinions of students who have taken the course but also offer an opportunity for the course coordinator to add a response. Students can find these evaluation reports at Blackboard along with the course coordinator’s response and his or her plan of action.

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