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Literature Review

Literature Review

Graduate School of Life and Earth Sciences

The Literature Review is a mandatory part of the Masters in Biological, Biomedical and Life Sciences. Below you can find information about the procedures and regulations of the research project.

Literature Review Protocol 

To inform and guide both student and supervisor a protocol is available discusses the following topics:

  • Objectives and outline
  • Guidance and supervision
  • Assessment of the literature review

Both student and supervisors (daily supervisor, assessor and FNWI-appointed examiner) are expected to read this protocol.

Literature Review Protocol

Time schedule

Registration and approval literature review

4-2 weeks prior to start

Interim evaluation

3 weeks after starting literature review

Draft version report to supervisor and assessor

2 weeks before final date

Feedback draft version report

2-1 weeks before final date

Processing feedback, writing final version report

1 week before final date

Final version report to assessor and FNWI-appointed examiner

Before final date


Max. 20 working days after final date

Please note that this time schedule is based on a 12 EC Literature Review

Approval and Registration

The literature review is subject to approval of the track coordinator and FNWI-appointed examiner. Students should submit their online Approval Form at The student should complete this procedure at least 2-4 weeks before the planned starting date. After the proposal has been approved the student, assessor, examiner and track coordinator will receive a notification that the project has been approved and can be started.

Digital Approval Literature Review Proposal

Interim Assessment

After 2-4 weeks into the literature review, the progress has to be evaluated (interim assessment); The student or supervisor may initiate this meeting with the assessor (and FNWI appointed examiner). The evaluation should help the student improve the quality and progress of the research project.

Interim Assessment Form Literature Review

Final Assessment

The literature review will be assessed by at least two persons i.e. the assessor and FNWI-appointed examiner.More information about the assessment criteria can be found in the literature review protocol. 

Final Assessment Form Literature Review