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Examinations Board

Graduate School of Life and Earth Sciences

The Examinations Board is an independent committee of which the members are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty. The Examinations Board is responsible for the quality of examinations and for the issuing of degrees of the Master's programme. The Board assesses requests and complaints concerning the rules and regulations (Education and Examinations Regulations).

On this page:
  • Requests - general information

    Before you approach the Examinations Board, please make sure your question/request is relevant and applicable to the Examination Board.

    Education Desk

    The education desk provides you with all the necessary support concerning regulations and processes which you often encounter as student. For example, the education desk can help you register a grade or explain how you can apply for your diploma. If needed, you can also be referred to the study advisor.

    Study advisor

    It may be helpful to discuss your request with the study advisor before submitting it to the Examinations Board. He or she helps you to determine which documents you will need to send the Board so that they can evaluate your request most effectively.

    Submitting your request

    You may send the Examinations Board a request at any time during the academic year. On this web page you will find more information on how you should submit your request.

    Depending on the nature of your request, you may have to submit additional documents such as academic transcripts or course descriptions.

    Please note that the Examinations Boards only evaluates requests which are complete and contain all the relevant documents.

    Processing time

    You will receive a response within eight weeks after submitting your request. Response times may vary during bank holiday periods. It is therefore important to submit your request on time – especially if the decision of the Board can influence your graduation. As a rule, the Examinations Board tries to evaluate students’ requests as soon as possible.

  • Requests SPA and Graduation

    If the SPA contains courses that are not part of the regular master programme or track, it has to be submitted to the Examinations Board for prior approval. The courses that are part of a programme are listed in table 1-3 and are stated in the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER part B) of the master programme.  Information SPA 

    Before applying for the Master’s Certificate the Examinations Board has to approve at all times the final version of the SPA, being the programme that actually has been completed, the so-called study programme. This study programme has to be submitted to the Examinations Board four months before the application deadline of the MSc Certificate.   Information Graduation 

  • Request Extension (extra ECTS) or shifting ending date (no extra ECTS) Research Project

    The student and supervisor are requested to fill in a time schedule for the research project. If due to unforeseen and unexpected circumstances activities cannot be finished in time, a student should signal this to the study adviser and/or assessor and/or FNWI-appointed examiner. If considered as valid, the study adviser or examiner make sure to indicate the delay on the project page in DataNose.

    Extension of research projects with an increase in the amount of ECTS are only allowed if new questions and/or new research activities are addressed. The extension has to be approved by the Examinations Board, on the basis of a request by student, including an approval of the assessor and track coordinator.

    In case of extension of the research project with extra ECTS please hand in a written request containing:

    • a short explanation why the project is being extended and information about the activities to account for this extra workload:
      • The scientific questions studied and experimental techniques used during the research project.
      • The scientific questions studied and experimental techniques used during the extension of the research project.
    • the requested new ending date
    • the requested extra amount of ECTS
    • approval of the assessor and track coordinator

    Send a copy of the email (cc) to the assessor and track coordinator.

  • Questions

    Please search for answers in the A-Z list. The website provides a substantial list of current information on almost all education and examination related student affairs, arranged in alphabetical order by key word.

    You still can't find the information you're looking for? You can contact the Service Desk ESC or the Examinations Board