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Racism against Asian people has always existed but has lived in silence. Voices have been muted by prejudices, stereotypes, and stigmas. The arrival of COVID-19 has magnified these negative images of and discrimination against Asian people. Now, the time has come when anti-Asian racism has come to the attention and that awareness of anti-Asian racism increases. Where does the underlying mechanism for the hate crimes and increase of racist behaviour against Asian people originate from? What can we as universities do to tackle this and to create a more inclusive environment?

Event details of Diversity Journal Club | Anti-Asian Racism and Sinophobia in academia
Date 12 May 2021
Time 16:00 -17:00

In this edition of the Diversity Journal Club, we will discuss anti-Asian racism* and Sinophobia based on the article “Sinophobia: How a virus reveals the many ways China is feared (Wong, 2020)”. Furthermore, we will discuss what role universities can play in combating anti-Asian racism by the articles “Why universities need to actively combat Sinophobia (Aydin, 2020)” and “How to Counter Anti-Asian Racism in the University: 7 Suggestions (Choo, n.d.)”. 

An introductory talk will be given by Rosie Zheng, a student in Psychology and Artificial Intelligence at the UvA. She was born in China and has lived in the Netherlands since she was three years old. Throughout her life, she has faced anti-Asian racism many times. Currently, she is active at VHTO, WiF Students, and Asian Raisins. 

*The focus will be on racism against East-Asian people.

How to join?

Participation is open for all. You can join us online via this Zoom-link.

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Here are three opinion pieces about this subject:

About the Diversity Journal Club

The Faculty of Science aims to be an inclusive community where every person, regardless of race, gender, cultural background, sexual orientation, disability, etc. feels welcome and valued.

In our policies we strive to stimulate the diversity in our Faculty community. With the input and contributions from the Diversity Sounding Board (consisting of ca. 25 staff and students of the faculty of Science), the Faculty Diversity Office organises activities and facilitates debate aimed at increasing awareness on issues surrounding diversity and inclusion.

The Diversity Journal Club @ SP is meant to encourage open dialogues about diversity and inclusion in the context of science in the broadest sense, like how these play out in our research and education.