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The Brainwave is located on the ground floor of Building A. During the day the space can be used for self-study as well as collaboration between students. In the evenings it becomes a space for relaxation. From 17:00 to 22:00 the bar may be used for social events.

Use of the Brainwave after 17:00 falls under responsibility of the Brainwave Trust. The board of the Brainwave Trust consists of members of each of the five study associations: ACD, Congo, NSA, Spectrum and VIA.

Brainwave facilities

  • Network connection
  • Beamer
  • Audio-installation + microphone (please note: use is prohibited if there is a class in progress in the adjacent lecture hall)
  • Table football set
  • Table tennis set
  • Pool table
  • Beer tap (3 connections)
  • Refrigerator for soft drinks

Organising activities

  • Would you like to organise a social event in the evening? Send an email to:
  • Would you like to organise an event in the Brainwave during daytime (until 17:00)? Then send an email to Joris Flesch:

If the event takes place both before and after 17:00, please notify both parties.