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Diversity at the Faculty of Science

Diversity at the Faculty of Science

Diversity at the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science aims to be an inclusive community where every person, regardless of race, gender or cultural background, feels welcome and valued. In our policies we strive to stimulate the diversity in our Faculty community. Here, you'll find information on how we do this and the projects that contribute to this goal.

Give your feedback on the Concept policy Diversity and inclusion at the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science would like to ensure an inclusive learning and working environment in which students and employees feel at home. When everybody feels well established, you create the best possible conditions for talent to flourish. In concrete terms, this means the Faculty of Science aims to be attractive to potential talent that is currently under-represented, such as young students from migrant backgrounds and women in science. A diverse and inclusive environment enables optimum development of all available talent and reaps the substantial benefits provided by a wide range of perspectives and opinions. This boosts the quality of research and teaching and amplifies our social impact.

The policies of our Faculty need to contribute to these aims. Therefore, we have drafted a concept policy Diversity and inclusion. Before we finalise this policy, we would like to hear from our students and staff. Download the concept policy below and give us your feedback before 24 February 2020 by sending an email to

After the closing date, all the responses will be processed and the draft policy will be made final by the Faculty of Science management team. The definitive policy document will be published on our staff and student websites.

Download the Concept policy Diversity and inclusion at the Faculty of Science

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Grassroots Science4all: projects to promote diversity and inclusivity

In March 2019 the Faculty of Science started the grassroots programme Science4all. Staff and students were invited to apply for financial support for projects aimed at improving diversity and inclusivity at the Faculty of Science. Per project there was between €500 and €5,000 available.

Diversity Officer and sounding board

The Faculty of Science's Diversity Officer is Dr Machiel Keestra. He is responsible for highlighting issues, can be consulted by both staff and students and provides the dean with solicited and unsolicited advice on matters concerning diversity at the Faculty of Science. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions or suggestions about diversity at the Faculty of Science.

Would you like to contribute to increasing diversity and inclusivity at the Faculty of Science? And are you motivated to not only discuss these issues, but also to take and support initiatives to this end? Then joining the Diversity sounding board might be for you! Send an email to:

dr. M. (Machiel) Keestra

Diversity Officer Faculty of Science

  • Gender balance action plan

    At the Faculty of Science, the number of women in senior academic positions (assistant, associate and full professor) lags far behind the number of men. This negative correlation between the seniority of a post and the proportion of women that hold it is not limited to our Faculty, but whereas women hold 20% of professorships nationally and 19% UvA-wide, at the Faculty of Science this figure is only 6%. To redress this gender imbalance, the Faculty has drawn up an action plan.

  • Diversity at the UvA

    The University of Amsterdam wants to be a place where both students and staff feel at home, irrespective of their background. Everyone at the UvA should be given full scope to develop their talents. Both UvA students and staff have expressed a strong desire for increased diversity. In this sense, the appointment of Anne de Graaf as Chief Diversity Officer represents a clean break with the past and an attempt to improve on our past performance.

    Together with the Diversity Officers of the faculties, representatives from the Faculty Student Council tasked with promoting diversity, other colleagues and the student body, Anne will strive to realise an inclusive university dedicated to social justice and characterised by equality, inclusion and diversity. Because every faculty has its own unique identity and issues to tackle, each faculty has been assigned its own Diversity Officer. Together with their community, these persons will establish the diversity policy for their respective faculties.

    Diversity at the UvA