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Study adviser Faculty of Science

Personal circumstances

Are there personal circumstances that are impacting on your studies? The study adviser can support you in this situation and help figure out what you need. In addition, the University of Amsterdam has a number of regulations in place that can help you achieve success in your studies.

I have an illness

If you are ill or have a chronic condition, it is important that you let your study adviser know. The university has certain regulations which you may be eligible for which can support you in your studies, such as extra time or financial support if you incur a delay.

I have personal issues

If you find yourself dealing with personal issues, you can meet with the study adviser to discuss what you need in order to study as effectively as possible, or, for example, to discuss adjusting your study plan. The study adviser can also tell you what procedures and regulations may be relevant in your situation. If your issues extend beyond the scope of the study adviser, they can refer you to the appropriate point of contact.

I have a functional impairment

If you are dyslexic or have another type of functional impairment, the university offers several forms of support, such as additional time to sit examinations or the option of being paired up with a study buddy who will help you plan your studies. You can read more about this on the Student Counsellor homepage.