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College of Communication

In this position, you will be responsible for supporting the communications team, creating and producing communication materials, and improving internal communication. You will report to the Head of Communications. This internship provides a great learning opportunity for individuals interested in working in the global health and development sector. PharmAccess is a fast-paced, dynamic and internationally-focused environment, where colleagues in Amsterdam and in our five country offices work together towards achieving inclusive healthcare for people in Africa.

De stage is geschikt voor / The internship is suitable for

Nederlandse en internationale studenten / Dutch and international students

PharmAccess believes in doing healthcare better. With a focus on sub-Saharan Africa, we work on improving healthcare markets so that people have access to better care, can lead healthier lives and reach their full potential. With headquarters in Amsterdam and most of its staff based in four country offices across Africa, PharmAccess is an international NGO with a history of reimagining what is possible. We challenge the notion that exclusion from healthcare is an inevitable consequence of living in poorer countries and identify the opportunities and partners – both private and public, needed to bring about transformation. This approach was instilled by our founder Dr Joep Lange, a world leading aids researcher who went against the status quo in 2001 when he proved that working with the private sector could play a critical role in delivering life-saving antiretroviral therapy for HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa. PharmAccess has since evolved to embrace other opportunities for inclusive healthcare, with a particular focus on what the digital revolution can deliver. PharmAccess aims to be an innovator and catalyst for practical changes that can be scaled up. Initiatives such as SafeCare equip healthcare providers with clinical standards for quality improvement that investors and patients can trust. The Medical Credit Fund drives more money into the system - it offers loans to clinics to stimulate growth and encourage new ways of financing healthcare. We use mobile health platforms to develop a new model to make healthcare work for everyone. For the individual, M-TIBA provides payment options for insurance and care that they can access on a simple mobile phone. Helping people access better care and lead healthier lives. For governments, donors, healthcare providers and insurers looking to reach more people, M-TIBA operates as a sophisticated platform that can channel financing and collate valuable health data. PharmAccess believes that better functioning healthcare markets are key to advancing a number of the Sustainable Development Goal’s, in particular the targets relating to the realization of Universal Health Coverage.

Omschrijving werkzaamheden / Description of tasks

Duties Provide support during the development and implementation of the PharmAccess Group website Create, post, promote and monitor content on our websites and social media profiles Assist with internal communications Provide support for a wide range of online and offline communications materials, including presentations, brochures, reports, etc. Identify opportunities for media exposure (PR) Provide general support to the Communications team and the country teams in Africa.

Omschrijving begeleiding / Description of supervision

The communication team exist out of the Head of Communication and Communication Manager who will supervise you throughout the internship. There are a wide variety of activities, research and programs that you can get involved with, depending on your interest.

Wensen en vereisten aan student / Candidate requirements

Qualifications Level of education: Currently completing or recently completed university (WO) or college (HBO) degree in Communications, Politics, International Relations, Global Health, International Development, Journalism or related field. Interested and motivated to learn more about (global) health, healthcare, technology and development. English fluency.

Beloning / Renumeration

400 euro p/m

Periode(s) / Period(s)

We ask for an availability of minimum of 3 months. Flexible starting date.

Reageren uiterlijk / Application closes:


Contactinformatie/ Contact information

Perle Laouenan-Catchpole, Head of Communications PHARMACCESS GROUP AHTC, Tower C4 • Paasheuvelweg 25 1105 BP Amsterdam • the Netherlands M +31 (0) 6 1555 9499 www.pharmaccess.org • Twitter: @PharmAccessOrg