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Results: 1 - 20 of 401
Results: 1 - 20 of 401
  • New Pandemic Science initiative requests scientific community to review research
    6 Nov 2020
    The world is dealing with an unprecedented pandemic. Fighting the new virus and its effects requires research and insights from many disciplines.
  • 20 years Faculty of Science: the past, present and future of Informatics
    3 Nov 2020
    Washing machines, refrigerators, traffic lights, more complex systems such as cars or planes and even musical greeting cards – while our first association with computer chips might be our laptop or smartphone, they ...
  • Lisa Teichmann
    Faces of Science Park: Lisa Teichmann, phd candidate
    2 Nov 2020
    In this new column, Faces of Science Park, employees of the Science Faculty talk about a book, a movie or something else that inspired them on the theme of Diversity. Lisa Teichmann, PhD candidate at SILS, is kicking ...
  • Flags at half-mast for free and safe education
    2 Nov 2020
    French schools will today pay tribute to the murdered teacher Samuel Paty. That is why the flags on UvA buildings will also be flying at half-mast today.
  • Progress construction work LAB42
    27 Oct 2020
    The construction of LAB42 is progressing rapidly. What has been done and what will happen the following weeks?
  • Science Colloquium: a special lecture by Nobel Prize winner prof. Takaaki Kajita
    26 Oct 2020
    Have you always wanted to listen to a talk by a Nobel Prize winner in Physics, and ask them questions about their field? Here is your chance! Professor Takaaki Kajita, who won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for his ...
  • Statement on the death of Samuel Paty
    23 Oct 2020
    It was with great horror that we learned of the murder of teacher Samuel Paty in France. A passionate and committed teacher, he was murdered for teaching freedom of speech. As fellow educational professionals, we ...
  • Login failure on UvA services - update 5.10 pm
    20 Oct 2020
    Update 5.10 pm: Online exams will take place tomorrow. The login system is working properly again, so the expectation is that students will be able to log in to TestVision as normal tomorrow.
  • Travel grants from the Genootschap
    19 Oct 2020
    Each year, the Genootschap ter bevordering van Natuur-, Genees- en Heelkunde awards travel grants up to 1000 euros to Master's students and PhD’s. PhD candidates at the Faculty of Science are able to finance a ...
  • Robot Pepper gives go-ahead for construction LAB42
    13 Oct 2020
    Friday, 9 October, Robot Pepper gave the official go-ahead for the construction of LAB42. A live stream showed how Pepper, a future resident of the RoboLab in LAB42, symbolically put the pile driver into operation. ...
  • Collaboration between iGEM and ARTIS-Micropia with workshops 'Sustainable micro factories'
    12 Oct 2020
    You can follow the workshop 'Sustainable micro factories' in ARTIS-Micropia every day until Sunday 25 October. During these workshops, visitors discover how cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, are grown ...
  • Progress construction work LAB42
    6 Oct 2020
    The construction of LAB42 is progressing rapidly. What has been done in the past week and what will happen this week? This week: sheet pile wall will partially be drilled in.
  • Amsterdam Science Magazine #11 is out
    6 Oct 2020
    The new edition of Amsterdam Science magazine is out! Read it online or take a copy in the hall, and find out more about what scientists in Amsterdam are working on and inspired by.
  • There are three study islands suspended from the ceiling. Photo: Monique Kooijmans
    Labhal makes space for extra study places
    28 Sep 2020
    The completion of the large-scale renovation work on Building D has created extra study places for students in the Science Park. As of 29 September students will be able to book these new study places that will be ...
  • Update construction work Lab42
    28 Sep 2020
    We are working hard on the construction of Lab42. What has been done in the past week and what will happen this week?
  • 20 years Faculty of Science: the past, present and future of Physics and Astronomy
    22 Sep 2020
    ‘That's strange.. The training rooms used to be here.’ Physicist Marcel Vreeswijk is standing in the empty theatre hall at CREA: the former diamond-cutting factory where the physics department was located until 2003. ...
  • Nitrogen tanks next to building E replaced
    Nitrogen storage tanks replaced next to building E
    22 Sep 2020
    Nitrogen is regularly used in the laboratories for teaching and research at the Faculty of Science. Next to building E, you can find two large storage tanks. On September 22, two new nitrogen tanks were installed. ...
  • Take part in the UvAcare health check!
    18 Sep 2020
    On 23 September, all students of the Faculty of Science will be invited by email to participate in the UvAcare health check.
  • Progress of Lab42 foundation
    17 Sep 2020
    Work on the foundation of the Lab42 building has started since Monday 14 September. The piles that make up the foundation are drilled into the ground. An innovative technique is used for this, whereby the ground is ...
  • Update on new University Library: construction in full swing
    16 Sep 2020
    Exactly one year ago today, the first pile was driven for the new University Library. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, construction on the new University Library in the University Quarter is going steadily. Work ...