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Study and research project abroad (MBCS specific info)

Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Study and research project abroad (MBCS specific info)

If you would like to go abroad for your research internship, we advise you to start arranging things well in advance. Keep in mind that it is generally necessary to start arranging your internship a year or at least a half a year in advance.

International Research Project

It is advisable to discuss your plans with the study advisor. The study advisor can provide you with useful information, assist you to make the necessary arrangements and put you in contact with the International Office or student dean if necessary. Preparations for a study abroad period can take 6 to 10 months, depending on your plans, so do not wait too long if you know you (might) want to go abroad.

The first step is to start orienting towards topics you find interesting, looking for institutes which do research on those topics. Besides searching the web, make sure you also reach out to lecturers or UvA researchers who can point you to people from their network. You can also start by looking for research papers on topics you find interesting and approach the authors of these papers.

Once you have found a place where you could do your internship, it is time to look for funding. See here for more infomation on different grant and scholarship opportunities. Make sure to also search the internet for additional options: sometimes scholarships exist for specific nationalities or specific research topics.

For more general information on studying abroad, see