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Study plan application

The Study Plan Application in Datanose shows your Study Plan in accordance with the OER (TER, Teaching and Examination Regulations) based on your domain. In addition to your personal Study Plan, the Study Plan Application can also be used to submit certain requests to the Examinations Board (see below for more details).

The Study Plan Application shows 6 categories that should speak for themselves:

  • Mandatory Courses (autofilled for your domain)
  • Entry Courses (autofilled for your domain)
  • Elective Courses
  • Specialisation Courses
  • Research Projects
  • Literature Thesis

Plus an extra tab, 'Extracurricular’. The components in the tab 'Extracurricular’ will appear in a separate part of your diploma supplement. These courses will not be counted towards your GPA nor towards any decisions on a cum laude qualification.

Please make sure all the courses and projects you want to graduate with are in your Study Plan and in the right place The courses you passed are listed with their grade or AVV (Pass). All other elements have a box you can tick in case you want to use them towards graduation, but haven't completed them yet. In case something is wrong or missing in one of the subsections, please contact the Education Desk of the IIS (

An approved study plan is a condition to apply for your Master’s degree. Take into account that an approval of your Study Plan can take up to eight weeks. You can submit your Study Plan as soon as you know which courses you want to follow within the 120 EC of your Master’s Programme. You do not have to await the results of the courses to submit your request. You can always adjust your Study Plan after the Examinations Board has approved it, but then you will need to resubmit it for approval.

Requests in the Study Plan Application

Requests procedure

You can submit a request to the Examinations Board using the Study Plan application. You will receive an email notification when a decision has been made by the Examinations Board. You can see their decision in the Study Plan Application.

During the approval process, it is not possible to make adjustments. If you wish, you can contact the Examinations Board by sending an email to: to reject your request. You can then resubmit your request.

For additional information about requests or deadlines for submission and decisions, please navigate to the website of the Examinations Board.

Requesting your Master’s degree certificate

It is possible to request your Master's degree in the Study Plan Application. To ensure that the graduation process proceeds smoothly, please be sure to follow the steps for requesting a degree certificate. For more information about this procedure, please go to ' Graduation' in the A-Z list, or use the bottom below.

Requests for Study Plan Approval

The following approvals can be requested by submitting your entire Study Plan through the Study Plan Application. Not all courses have to be completed yet to submit this request.

  • Approval complete Master’s programme
  • Electives that have not been pre-approved
  • Extracurricular courses

Requests about specific components     

For some requests, you do not need to submit your entire Study Plan. In the following cases, you can make specific requests:

  • Exemptions for specific components
  • Courses followed outside the UvA (in the Netherlands or abroad)
  • Requests to extend either Research Project 1 or Research Project 2 by (an additional) 1 EC

The following requests need to be submitted through Qualtrics

  • Request for exception to cum laude regulations
  • Other Requests to the Examinations Board


  • Exemptions

    Students who wish to apply for an exemption for an elective or specialisation course within Brain and Cognitive Sciences can use the Study Plan Application for these requests.  This is possible if you can sufficiently demonstrate and motivate that you have already achieved the learning objectives of a course by means of a previously completed course, module or study.

    Required when digitally requesting the exemption through the

    • A certified grade list
    • A PDF of the study guide text that shows the content, ECTS count and level of the course.


    1. Go to the Study Plan Application
    2. Move your cursor to the arrow behind the box for which you want to request an exemption, and click on ‘request an exemption’.
    3. Enter the requested information in the pop-up window
    4. After submitting your request, you will receive a notification from the Examinations Board within 8 weeks.

    After completing the course on the basis of which you requested the exemption, you must submit a certified, hardcopy transcript to the Education Desk IIS (Science Park 904, C3.119)so that the provisional approval can be converted to a definitive approval. Please note: exemptions and external courses that are approved and processed via the Study Plan Application are only visible on your list of marks and in SIS once your diploma application has been processed.

  • External courses (from outside the UvA: in the Netherlands or abroad)

    External courses are courses that have been followed outside of the UvA , at another Dutch University or abroad. For the inclusion of an external course within the 120 EC of the study program, approval from the Examination Board is always required. The following is required when submitting this request:

    Scan the study guide text (preferably with a link to the online study guide) that shows the course name, content, number of ECTS and level. The course is then assessed and provisionally approved on the basis of this information.

    After completing the course you must hand over a certified copy of your grade list (hardcopy) to the Education Desk IIS (Science Park 904, C3.119)so that the provisional approval can be converted into a definitive one. An external course at another Dutch university will then be registered with the grade obtained. A course from a foreign university is registered as a PASS.

  • Elective Course

    Before you are allowed to incorporate elective courses in your Master’s programme, you will need to submit the courses for approval to the Board of Examiners first. A number of elective courses have already been approved by the Board of Examiners. For the list of those courses, please go to the Pre-approved Course List Brain & Cognitive Sciences 

  • Extracurricular Courses

    You can indicate Extracurricular courses (above 120 EC) on a separate tab. Approval of Extracurricular courses are included in the assessment of the normal study plan (120 ECs). If changes are made to one of these components, the entire program must be approved again.

  • Specialisation Courses

    All students must choose at least one specialisation course for a total worth of 6 EC.  Approval of your Specialisation Course is included in the assessment of the normal study plan (120 ECs). If changes are made to one of these components, the entire program must be approved again.