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Graduation and requesting a degree certificate


Graduating is an impressive accomplishment. To ensure that the graduation process proceeds smoothly, please be sure to follow the steps for requesting a degree certificate. In the FAQ you can find the frequently asked questions and corresponding answers.

Steps for requesting your degree certificate

  • Step 1. Check if you meet the graduation requirements

    You should apply for your degree certificate after you have passed all courses of your programme and when the grades of your literature thesis and reports for your internship(s) are visible in Datanose. All the grades of your courses and your projects must be registered in SIS. You also need to have your Study Plan approved by the Examinations Board. The processing time of this request is eight weeks, so please make sure you submit your request in advance.

    If you have attended (and passed) courses at universities other than the UvA, you need to send in a request for registration of these results in SIS. For more information on this process, please contact the Education Desk

  • Step 2. When do I apply?

    Once you have met all the criteria listed above, you can apply for your degree certificate. To do so, you must have an active enrolment for you study programme in Studielink.

    If you wish to attend an official graduation ceremony, you should request your degree certificate as soon as possible to make sure it is ready in time. You can find the ceremony dates and the deadline for applying for your degree certificate in the digital degree certificate application form.

    How do I apply?

    You can apply for your degree certificate via the digital application form. With this form you provide the Education Desk of the IIS with all information needed to process your degree certificate application correctly and in time. Keep in mind that the processing duration is 4 to 6 weeks.

    Enrolment in Studielink

    Please make sure you are enrolled in the right programme when applying for the degree certificate.

    Graduation date

    Your graduation date is the exam date of your last course or the date of your last assessment. Please note that from the academic year 2020-2021 onwards, the graduation date will be the date when you applied for the certificate.

  • Step 3. Terminate your enrolment

    Make sure you are registered as a student at the University of Amsterdam until your graduation. After requesting your degree certificate you can terminate your enrolment in Studielink with the reason ‘Graduating’. If you do not do this, we can no longer process your degree certificate application in SIS. For more information on this subject and related matters such as tuition, student finance and travel product you can contact the Student Service Desk.

  • Step 4. Choose to participate in a graduation ceremony, or collect your degree certificate

    Graduation ceremony

    Graduating is an impressive accomplishment. To celebrate this with your family, friends and fellow students, your programme will organize an official graduation ceremony. Please indicate in your digital request for the degree certificate if you want to attend the ceremony. You'll receive your invitation approximately two weeks before the ceremony with all the information.

    The graduation dates for the academic year 2019-2020 are:

    October 4th, 2019

    March 6th, 2020

    June 5th, 2020

    Collect your degree certificate

    You can also collect your degree certificate at the desk of the Education Desk IIS.​ If you are unable to collect your degree certificate yourself, it is possible to authorize someone else to collect your certificate.

    Receiving your degree by post

    It is possible to send your certificate by courier express. In your digital request for the degree certificate you can indicate that you wish to receive your certificate per courier express. Please bear that the costs for sending the degree certificate are for the student.