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As part of your time in MBCS, you will participate in elective courses. Electives form an essential part of the Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences study programme. To successfully participate in an elective, students must consider two important elements; approval and registration.


To use an elective as part of the curriculum of the Research Master’s programme it should be approved by the Examinations Board. Some electives have been pre-approved by the Board, on the basis of the match between their learning objectives and the goals of the programme. Students can participate in these courses and add them to their study plan without regards to the approval procedure. See here for a list of pre-approved electives.

Students who wish to take an elective that is not pre-approved have to seek approval from the Examinations Board. You can request approval by submitting your entire Study Plan through the Study Plan Application. Not all planned courses have to be completed yet to submit this request.  Be aware that the submitted study plan will be assessed as whole, so make sure it conforms to the requirements of the programme, in terms of EC count and mandatory components.


If you are planning to participate in elective courses, you have to sign up for the courses at the faculty that organises the course during the course registration period. Please note that dates for registering for courses vary per faculty and sometimes per degree programme. We therefore advise you to plan ahead and register for the courses you want to take as soon as possible.

Registering for a course doesn’t always mean that you’ll be allowed to participate in it. This is assessed by the organising institute, based on your prior knowledge of the subject and the number of available places for the course.

If you are not sure whether you have the right background for a particular course, we advise you to contact the coordinator of the course in advance.

Specific information for Secondary Subject Students (bijvakstudent) for RMBCS courses.

Non-Research Master Brain an Cognitive Sciences students might want to follow a course of the Research Master's programme. Since the programme is selective, one needs to submit a request for application. Here you can find more information on how to do so.