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Article 9

Article 9 is a certification that demonstrates that you have the required knowledge and skills to work with laboratory animals for scientific experimentation. If you succesfully complete a special Laboratory Animal Science course, you will receive the Article 9 certification upon graduating from the master’s programme.

UvA course

MBCS students with a strong interest in laboratory animal science can follow the course Laboratory Animal Course (Art. 9), organized by the Master’s Biomedical Sciences. This course is worth 6 EC and can be listed as a specialization course.

Registration for this course is possible via the Education Desk of the Faculty of Science. You will have to provide a letter of motivation for following the course, on the basis of which the course coordinator will decide whether you can join the course or not. Please note that capacity of the course is limited and that the course is taught in period 6.

Following the course elsewhere

Radboud University and University Utrecht also offer courses that can certify you with Article 9, but these come with a fee. In some cases, the MBCS programme will reimburse 75% of this fee. If you wish to apply for such financial support, please contact the Behavioral Neuroscience domain coordinator via e-mail and make sure to include the following

  1. A specification of which course you want to follow
  2. A motivation letter that clearly shows why you need the Article 9 certification (e.g. for which internship or PhD candidacy)
  3. An explanation of why you could not follow the UvA course instead