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Programme Committee Brain and Cognitive Sciences

What is the Programme Committee?

A Programme Committee is an advisory and consultative body at a degree programme level, instituted by law. The Programme Committee consists of an equal representation of both lecturers and students.

What does the Programme Committee do?

The Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) defines the tasks of the Programme Committee as follows:

  • To issue advice on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER)
  • To assess the manner in which the Teaching and Examination Regulations are implemented each year (the Programme Committee carries out an assessment by examining the teaching evaluations, the course catalogue and the course syllabi)
  • To issue both solicited and unsolicited advice to the programme director, or the College or Graduate School director on all matters concerning the education within the study programm

The Programme Committee does above tasks by advising the programme director or dean solicited or unsolicited on educational policies. The Programme Committee does this by:

  • Gathering information (e.g. from course evaluations and panel discussions);
  • Advising on a number of matters, including the TER and courses;
  • Substantiating their advice with arguments;
  • Calling attention to bottlenecks in the degree programme:
    • Curriculum (connection of courses, exit qualifications);
    • Organisation (schedules, rooms, computers, etc);
    • Monitoring the connection between prior education and the curriculum.

      In summary, the Programme Committee guards the quality of education, and the input of both students and teachers is crucial for that.

What can you approach the OC for?

If you have any complaints or remarks about a specific course, or a suggestion about the degree programme in general, please contact the Programme Committee. They will address your suggestions and take action if desired.

How do I reach the Programme Committee?

The current members of the Programme Committee are listed below. The members of the Programme Committee are the first contact for complaints or suggestions. You can contact one of the members yourself or send an email to the Programme Committee

Staff Members:

  • dr. Umberto Olcese (chair)
  • dr. Ashley Burgoyne
  • dr. Carlos Fitzsimons
  • dr. Ilja Sligte

Student members:

  • Ieva Gembutaitė (2st year CNS)
  • Anne Hoks (first year CNS)
  • Leanne Kuiper (first year CS)
  • Maaike van der Rhee (first year BNS)

I would like to become a member of the Programme Committee. Is that possible?

Students who want to discuss the organization and quality of the education can become member of the Programme Committee. New members are offered a course by the faculty which explains the workings of the representative bodies and the role of the Programme Committee. If you want more information or are interested in membership, you can see more information under ‘Join the Programme Committee'.