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Examinations Board

The Master’s programme has its own Examinations Board, which confers degree, assesses the level of divergent prior education, and handles requests for approval of irregular study programmes, research projects, requests for exemptions or electives and handles situations of fraud and plagiarism.

There is a monthly deadline for requests and applications to the Examinations Board. This deadline is each last weekday of the month. All applications that have been submitted before that date will be collected and presented to the Examinations Board. The Examinations Board shall take a decision within eight weeks of receiving a written request at the latest. 

What does the Examinations Board do?

-Determining objectively and professionally whether a student satisfies the requirements laid down in the OER with regard to the knowledge, understanding and skills required to obtain a degree

-Ensuring the quality of interim and final examinations;

-Establishing guidelines and instructions within the framework of the OER as the basis for marking and awarding results in interim and final examinations;

-Granting exemptions from one or more interim or other examinations;

-Granting the quality of the organization and procedures concerning examinations and the final examination.

-Taking measures in the event of fraud;

- Appointing examiners to conduct interim or other examinations and determine their results;

- Issuing the degree certificate, with the diploma supplement attached, as proof that the final examination has successfully been passed;

- Granting a student permission to take a set of electives, the examination for which will lead to the awarding of a degree;

- Issuing a certificate of passed interim or other examinations to students who have passed more than one interim or other examination but for whom a degree certificate cannot be issued;

Members of the Examinations Board

  • dr. Anneke Alkemade
  • dr. Romke Rouw (chairman)
  • prof.dr. Guido van Wingen
  • dr. Erik Jolink (external)

Requests to the Examinations Board

Requests to the Examinations Board are submitted digitally. Make sure to fully fill out the request form in the Study Plan Application (SPA) and collect the relevant attachments before submitting your request.


If you have any questions regarding a request to the Examinations Board, please contact the study advisor at 

For questions and comments about desicions made by the Examinations Board, you can also contact the Education Desk

Right to appeal

With each decision taken by the Examinations Board or an examiner, including determination of examination results, students should be given explicit information about their right to appeal to the Examination Appeals Board.

College van Beroep voor de Examens (COBEX)
Spui 21
1012 WX Amsterdam

For more information on the rules and regulations, please check the Rules and Guidelines of the Examinations Board.