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Coronavirus restrictions no longer apply to the education sector. We can meet each other on campus, work together and attend lectures, and we no longer have to wear masks. But it is possible that the Netherlands could once again be faced with rising numbers of infections and hospital admissions, making new measures necessary at universities.

We have therefore outlined various scenarios with corresponding measures and shared these with degree programmes, faculties, the Representative Advisory Council and other departments at the UvA, so that we can act quickly if necessary.

The plans describe what is needed to ensure that teaching activities continue as smoothly as possible and specifies who is responsible for this. Examples include quickly offering online and hybrid education, adjusting schedules and classrooms, and planning social activities and extra support to make sure we can keep an eye on each other.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on education, our students, our lecturers and other staff. In the event that new measures are necessary, these preparations will help to keep that impact to a minimum.