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The cabinet has decided that the universities cannot yet open on 10 January. The situation will be reassessed on 14 January. Unfortunately, this means no education will be able to take place on location in the first week of period 3 either.

Exams can go ahead as scheduled. Practicals and lab work, will also be able to go ahead and we will continue to provide space for guidance for vulnerable students. Other educational activities will not yet be able to take place in person. The university libraries will remain open, with a maximum capacity of 75 people per room and taking into account the known hygiene measures. 

Information about education per programme 

To provide greater clarity to both students and staff various programmes already took the decision to provide the education of period 3 (10 January - 4 February) online before the holiday recess. You can find more information on this on Canvas and on the pages of your programme. 

Working from home, unless this is not an option

Staff too are still being asked to work from home. If that really is not an option for you, as during previous lockdowns there is limited room to come to the campus, in consultation with your supervisor.

Difficult period 

For many students and staff this means yet another extension of a difficult and uncertain time that causes stress, discomfort and loneliness. That’s why we are asking everyone to continue to keep an eye out for each other. If you have a fellow student and colleague who is at the end of their tether, call them up, arrange to meet up or refer them to the different initiatives and options offered by the UvA for support during this period. 

Find an overview for students here.
Find an overview for staff of information for working from home here.

Vaccinations and tests

By now nearly everyone above 18 can make an appointment to get a booster vaccination. We encourage everyone to do so. It also remains important to take a self-test when you experience symptoms. In this way we can all contribute to the university opening up again sooner so we can meet each other again on campus.

Rules surrounding quarantine and information on vaccinations and when you need to take a self-test 

Find more information on quarantine, vaccination and (self)testing here.

Measures on campus

If you are expected on campus, find out which additional measures are in place in order to ensure everyone's safety.

More information on education in the academic year 2021/2022

You can find more information on the academic year 2021/2022 here. Information on the impact on education will be provided by your specific program.

Other information

For answers to any other questions, see the FAQs on the coronavirus page.