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We are going to be able to see each other more often on campus; after a month-long closure the cabinet has announced that higher education can reopen again under certain conditions. Although infection numbers are still rising and some of you are in quarantine, we are relieved that more interaction and teaching will be able to take place on campus again. In the rest of this update you can read more about the measures and their consequences.


Unfortunately not all education can take place on location yet. There is still an upper limit of 75 people per space, with the exception of examinations. To provide structure and certainty many programmes decided, before the holiday recess, that in the short period 3 education would take place online. Your own programme will inform you as soon as possible what the consequences of the relaxation of the measures are for the last two weeks of this period and the exam week. So please keep an eye on your email, timetable and Canvas in the coming period.  

Face masks   

One of the biggest changes is the extended face mask requirement: this applies not just when walking around, but also when sitting down, i.e. during lectures.  The reccomendation is not to wear a cloth face mask, but a single-use mask, preferably a type 2 face mask. Face masks will be provided at various points around the campus. 

We understand you will have many questions about the new face mask requirements. In the course of this week we will discuss this topic in more detail.  

Changes to quarantine rules

The quarantine rules have also changed. If you have had a booster vaccination at least one week ago or if you have recovered from Covid less than 8 weeks ago, you do not need to go into quarantine when you have been in contact with an infected person. You do need to do a test if you are showing symptoms.  

From 21 January 2022 other quarantine rules will probably apply to staff in vital professions, such as teachers. More information on this will follow from 21 January. 

Find more information on the new quarantine rules here.


Only events directly related to education are allowed to take place, such as inaugural lectures, PhD ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, information events and lectures. Social activities such as leaving receptions and departmental drinks are not allowed.  

Working from home recommendation still in place  

Unfortunately, the recommendation to work from home has not changed. Everyone is still asked to work from home, unless this really is not an option. If you do need to come to campus, please keep 1.5 m. distance from others as much as you can. The face mask requirement also applies to (necessary) work on location, so at the workplace, behind your desk or during a meeting. 

Staff whose work is location-bound and staff with research and or teaching duties can work at the UvA locations. It will also remain possible for other staff who really cannot work from home to work on campus, in consultation with their supervisor. Where possible we ask you to try to avoid busy times and rush hour when travelling to the campus.  

Basic rules, self-tests and vaccinations

The campus needs to be a place where we all feel safe. We can all contribute to that:  

  • Give each other space where possible and respect each other’s boundaries and concerns. 1,5 remains a safe distance.   

Extra measures are also being taken to keep the campus as safe as possible:  

  • Buildings are cleaned and sanitised more often.  

  • There is sufficient ventilation, and it is checked regularly.  

  • Safe walking routes are indicated – please use these as much as possible.  

Go to this page to see whether you can come to campus and which measures currently apply. The page will be updated as soon as possible.   

Difficult period 

For many students and staff, the corona period continues to be a difficult time that causes stress, discomfort and loneliness. That’s why we are asking everyone to continue to keep an eye out for each other. If you have a fellow student and colleague who is at the end of their tether, call them up, arrange to meet up or refer them to the different initiatives and options offered by the UvA for support during this period. 

Find an overview for students here.
Find an overview for staff of information for working from home here.


Sporting and fitness is allowed again. Find out more on the pages of USC.

Rules surrounding quarantine and information on vaccinations and when you need to take a self-test 

Find more information on quarantine, vaccination and (self)testing here.

Measures on campus

If you are expected on campus, find out which additional measures are in place in order to ensure everyone's safety.

More information on education in the academic year 2021/2022

You can find more information on the academic year 2021/2022 here. Information on the impact on education will be provided by your specific program.

Other information

For answers to any other questions, see the FAQs on the coronavirus page.