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The cabinet has announced new relaxations of the current measures. You can now remove your face mask if you can keep 1.5 m distance from others and there are new rules surrounding quarantine and hospitality locations (cafes, bars, restaurants). In this update we have set out what this means for the UvA.

Face masks

The face mask requirement has been relaxed slightly. From now on you can take off your face mask when you are seated and are able to keep 1.5 m distance from each other. Do wear a face mask in the areas where it is compulsory, for yourself and for others. Everyone needs to be able to feel safe on campus, so help each other with this. Lost track of where you need to wear a mask and where you can take it off? Take a look at this page for the latest information.  

Quarantine rules

The quarantine rules have als been relaxed a little, particularly for people who are essential workers. Not sure whether you need to self-quarantine or not? Do the government’s Quarantine Check. All the current exceptions have been included in this check.   

CREA and Allard Pierson

Hospitality locations are now allowed to be opened again. This also applies to CREA and Allard Pierson


Difficult period 

For many students and staff, the corona period continues to be a difficult time that causes stress, discomfort and loneliness. That’s why we are asking everyone to continue to keep an eye out for each other. If you have a fellow student and colleague who is at the end of their tether, call them up, arrange to meet up or refer them to the different initiatives and options offered by the UvA for support during this period. 

Find an overview for students here.
Find an overview for staff of information for working from home here.

More information

Find more information on quarantine, vaccination and (self)testing here.

If you are expected on campus, find out which additional measures are in place in order to ensure everyone's safety.

Rules regarding face masks can also be found on this page.

For answers to any other questions, see the FAQs on the coronavirus page.