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The exams for period 2 will be starting soon (from 17 December onwards). Some of these exams will take place on-campus. We will be implementing a number of additional safety measures as we are keen to ensure that everyone feels safe on-campus and is able to concentrate properly in the exams. In addition, the faculties and your programme will notify you as soon as possible of what will happen if you miss an exam due to having coronavirus (or symptoms thereof).

Additional safety measures

In recent months, we have together been seeing to it that the UvA is not a source of infections. Vaccinations, testing (and self-testing) and compliance with basic rules play a significant role in this effort. Obviously, you will need to take a test (or self-test) if you will be sitting an exam, and should stay at home if the result is positive. Please also keep to the basic rules and wear a face mask while moving throughout campus, when you are seated, the mask may be removed.

Based on our experience holding previous exams, we will be even more careful when it comes to ensuring adequate social distancing whilst entering and exiting buildings, in rooms and in corridors. Cleaning will also be done more thoroughly and more often.

What if you miss an exam due to having coronavirus (or symptoms thereof)?

If you miss an exam, you can always use the opportunity to do the scheduled resit (for that subject). In addition, faculties and examination boards will be do their utmost in the coming period to find an optimal solution if you are required to go into quarantine and therefore cannot attend. In an organisation the size of the UvA, customised solutions are needed. Your programme will let you know what this means for your exams as soon as possible, by email and through Canvas.

(Self)testing is important!

If you have COVID-related symptoms, get tested at the Municipal Health Service (GGD) or perform a self-test. Still having symptoms the next day? Perform a new self-test. If a self-test shows a positive result, always get tested at the GGD.

Find more information on quarantine, vaccination and (self)testing here.

Planning on coming to campus?

Find out which additional measures are in place in order to ensure everyone's safety.

More information on education in the academic year 2021/2022

You can find more information on the academic year 2021/2022 here. Information on exams will be provided by your specific program.

Other information

For answers to any other questions, see the FAQs on the coronavirus page.