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Last Friday evening, the Dutch government reintroduced stricter coronavirus measures. We realise that these new changes will once again require our utmost effort and that you may be feeling disheartened at this point. Still, it is extremely important that we adhere to the measures in the weeks ahead so that we can work and study on campus as safely as possible.

On-site teaching to continue

Teaching activities may continue to be held on campus, with a maximum of 75 people per room. Although the 1.5-metre rule does not apply to education, we ask everyone to keep their distance as much as possible. Be mindful of each other!

There are several initiatives to support students during this time. Click here for more information.

Catering to close at 17:00, teaching activities exempt

Although many locations in the Netherlands must close at 17:00, this does not apply to teaching activities. This means lectures may be held after 17:00 as usual. The catering establishments on campus will close at 17:00, however. This also applies to CREA and the catering facilities at the USC.

Working from home

The recommendation to work from home is now more stringent: we urge everyone to work from home as much as possible. If you must come to the campus, then try to maintain social distance whenever possible. 

Face masks

It is and remains mandatory to wear a face mask when moving around in the buildings. You may remove your face mask during lectures once everyone has taken their seat or designated position to stand. If you feel comfortable doing so or if others in the room ask you to do so, you can also keep your face mask on during lectures or meetings. You are naturally free not to do so, but at least consider whether it would be possible to accommodate the wishes of others in this regard. If you have forgotten to bring one with you, face masks are available in various places on campus.


Amateur sport activities (including matches and training sessions) are no longer permitted between 17:00 and 5:00. The USC will therefore close at 17:00. 


The Allard Pierson Museum will require a coronavirus entry pass, and the museum will close at 17:00.

Basic rules 

In addition to the face mask requirement, it is still important to keep following the basic rules. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, cough and sneeze into your elbow, take a self-test regularly (these are available in the UvA buildings and via, get tested at the GGD in case of (mild) symptoms and please do not come to the campus if you have symptoms.

The coronavirus pandemic requires the utmost effort from all of us. Hang in there and protect yourself and those around you.