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On Friday 13 August 2021, the UvA learned that the 1.5-metre rule will cease to apply in higher education settings with effect from 30 August 2021. This means that face-to-face education on campus can resume in the new academic year, subject to certain conditions. We are writing this update to tell you more about the measures the UvA is taking to make this possible safely, (with the exception of) the attendance requirement, examinations and working from home.

Please note: measures and regulations, may differ per faculty or programme. Any questions? Please contact your faculty or programme.

Attendance requirement

The normal education attendance requirement will apply again from September 2021 onwards. We understand that employees and students may have concerns about the risk they could be exposed to when they return to university. If you would prefer not to or cannot return to campus because you are quarantining or have a personal vulnerable situation or a vulnerable home situation, please contact your degree programme or supervisor for help finding a solution.

For employees: the occupational health & safety physician may be asked for advice after you have discussed the situation with your supervisor. A senior supervisor or dean/director will have the final say on the best solution.

Examinations and maximum number of people

Starting September 2021, a maximum of 75 people will be permitted to use an examination room if it will not be possible to observe the 1.5-metre rule in it. Starting 20 September, no upper limit will be imposed on rooms in which the 1.5-metre rule can be observed. We are currently assessing how this requirement will impact the examinations scheduled and will let you know the outcome as soon as we can.

Face masks required in all buildings

As of September 2021, it will be compulsory to wear a face mask when moving around UvA buildings again, even if no teaching is taking place in them. You may remove your face mask once you are seated at your workstation or study place.

Building ventilation

All buildings enable sufficient ventilation in accordance with the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. Read more about building ventilation here.


International students can either visit a vaccination unit on the Roeterseiland campus from 6 to 10 September, or they can get their vaccination at RAI Amsterdam any time after their arrival in the Netherlands.

You will not be required to prove that you have been staying in the Netherlands for at least one month or to have a BSN number.

Is this your first vaccination?
You do not need to make an appointment for either the campus vaccination unit or for the RAI Amsterdam location.

Is this the second time you are going to get a vaccine?
You do have to make an appointment. The Amsterdam Municipal Health Service (GGD) has set up a special appointment hotline for international students: (+31) 020 5555 202. You can also send an email to 

More information about coronavirus vaccination in Amsterdam.

Information for international students

Detailed instructions have been drawn up for international students, to ensure they know exactly what to do when they arrive in the Netherlands, are familiar with our quarantine guidelines and are aware of the quarantine-support and vaccination options available. Click here for more information.

Wi-Fi capacity up to par

Because of the expected increase in the number of students taking online classes, we have checked whether we have the Wi-Fi capacity necessary on campus to cope with demand. The UvA expects that existing capacity will be more than sufficient.

What else do you need to know about September 2021?

  • Working at home will continue to be the norm. Contact your supervisor if you would like to work on campus.
  • Education-related orientation activities (the orientation programme, for example) will be able to go ahead without the need to observe the 1.5-metre rule, subject to a maximum group size of 75 people.
  • The existing designated walking routes will remain in place on the campus;
  • All buildings enable sufficient ventilation in accordance with the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. Read more here.
  • More information about the maximum group size for practicals and in external rooms and about the provisional length of time for which the various measures will continue to apply will follow as soon as possible.

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