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Increasingly, employees, students and business contacts receive fake UvA emails, which are almost indistinguishable from real UvA emails. This is not only annoying, but can also be harmful. To counteract this, we are further tightening up our security.

We have registered all known UvA senders (with an mail address) as trusted. If you receive an e-mail from a UvA sender that is not registered as trusted, it will most likely end up in your spam folder. This way we make sure you are better protected against fake e-mails.

E-mail from a trusted UvA sender in your spam?

It may happen that an e-mail from a trusted UvA sender ends up in your spam folder because the UvA sender is not yet registered as trusted with us. Therefore, keep an eye on your spam folder in the coming period and inform the Service Desk ICT Services if you come across an e-mail from a trusted UvA sender in your spam folder. You can do this via