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Do you ever have those days where you show up for an exam, but without your calculator? Or you're studying in the library and could really use a marker?

non food articles in Schoolsupply vending machines

From now on, you can turn to the new vending machines, which have been installed in AUAS buildings. The SchoolSupply vending machines are stocked with non-food articles, instead of snacks and drinks.

What do the vending machines have for sale?

There are all sorts of personal care products like deodorants and sanitary napkins, and if you're feeling under the weather, you can purchase Strepsils, Rennies, paracetamol and hay fever tablets. But there are also all sorts of other things, like earplugs, Pritt sticks, Dopper water bottles and bike lights. Is there anything you feel should also be included? Let the supplier know and they can adapt the range to student wishes.

Where can you find the machines?


  • REC H (third floor, at the library)
  • REC A (first floor, next to the other vendingmachines)
  • PC Hoofthuis (entrance hall, opposite the service desk, next to the printer)


  • Building D (first floor in direction of hallway building C)

University Quarter:

  • Bushuis (next to other vending machines near the cantine)
  • Oudemanhuispoort (ground floor, behind the stairs next to other vending machines)
  • University Library (in the cantine)