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From 16:00 on Friday, 19 February to Saturday, 20 February, access to the floating bicycle platforms will be closed due to building works. The route alongside Building L will also be closed.

You will not be able to park along the Nieuwe Achtergracht canalside along Building L or on the floating bicycle platforms. Be sure to remove your bicycle from the floating platform and canalside before 16:00 on Friday. Bicycles parked here will not be accessible during the construction work.

Why are these buildings works necessary?

On Saturday, 20 February a temporary floating platform will be installed in the canal. This floating platform will act as a temporary bridge so that the current platform can be removed. The temporary crossing will be installed where the floating bicycle platforms are currently located. This will allow for a more direct route and avoid having to walk round. The floating bicycle platforms will be relocated a little further down the canal. During the relocation and the installation of the temporary crossing, the floating bicycle platforms and the canalside will not be accessible. A large truck will block the route along Building L.

To allow for access to the platforms from the canalside it is necessary to clear the area of obstacles, which is why the bicycle racks located there will be moved towards the Green Nose.

The work will be carried out on Friday and Saturday as there are fewer bicycles parked on campus at that time.

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