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From Tuesday, 2 February until Friday, 5 February, the route from the Roetersstraat along the Nieuwe Achtergracht and Building H (see photograph) will be closed for a few minutes at a time on several occasions throughout the day. If you don’t have time to wait, please walk via the hall of Building E.

The temporary closures are required due to work being carried out on campus. During the coming days, sheet piling will be installed along the north side of the canal (along the side of Building H). The 17-metre-long sections of sheet piling first need to be lifted into place by crane before they can be driven into the ground. The route will be closed for a few minutes while the sheet piling is lifted overhead. Several trucks will also use this route to access the campus during the week and, in the interest of safety, the route will then also be closed temporarily. We hope that we can count on your understanding and cooperation.

Lifting works will be temporarily suspended in the case of wind force 7 or above.

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