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Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER)

Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER)

All higher education programmes in the Netherlands must have a set of Teaching and Examination Regulations. In Dutch this is referred to as the Onderwijs- en Examenregeling, or OER.

Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER)

For each master programme the regulations are defined in the 'Teaching and Examination Regulation' (in Dutch: 'Onderwijs- en Examenregeling -OER).
The Faculty of Science has divided the Regulations in two parts:

  • part A: describes the regulations determined by the Faculty of Science,
  • part B: describes the regulations for a specific programme (goals, admission, programme, tracks, courses).

The Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) apply for each student of the Faculty of Science. Please find below the links to the TER of 2018-2019 (followed by the TER of the previous years).

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Teaching and Examination Regulations 2019-2020

OER (TER) 2019-2020 Part A OER (TER) Artificial Intelligence 2019-2020 OER (TER) Information Studies 2019-2020 OER (TER) Software Engineering 2019-2020 OER (TER) Security and Network Engineering 2019-2020 OER (TER) Computational Science 2019-2020 OER (TER) Logic 2019-2020

Teaching and Examination Regulations 2018-2019

OER (TER) 2018-2019 Part A OER (TER) Artificial Intelligence 2018-2019 OER (TER) Computational Science 2018-2019 OER (TER) Information Studies 2018-2019 OER (TER) Logic 2018-2019 OER (TER) Security and Network Engineering 2018-2019 OER (TER) Software Engineering 2018-2019

Teaching and Examination Regulations 2017-2018

OER 2017-2018 Part A OER Artificial Intelligence 2017-2018 OER Computational Science 2017-2018 OER Information Studies 2017-2018 OER Logic 2017-2018 OER Software Engineering 2017-2018 OER System and Network Engineering 2017-2018

Teaching and Examination Regulations 2016-2017

OER 2016-2017 Part A OER Artificial Intelligence 2016-2017 OER Computational Science 2016-2017 OER Information Studies 2016-2017 OER Logic 2016-2017 OER Software Engineering 2016-2017 OER System Network Engineering 2016-2017

Teaching and Examination Regulations 2015-2016

OER 2015-2016 Part A OER Artificial Intelligence 2015-2016 OER Computational Science 2015-2016 OER Information Studies 2015-2016 OER Logic 2015-2016 OER Software Engineering 2015-2016 OER System Network Engineering 2015-2016