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The Game Studies master programme of the University of Amsterdam is proud to announce its first Games for Behavioural Change Symposium.

Science Park 904
Science Park 904

Room Science Park 904, Room C0.05, 13:00 - 18:30

Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam

We are excited to have as keynote speaker Prof. dr. Pamela Kato (Serious Games Institute, Coventry University). Prof. Kato is an internationally recognized expert on serious games for health (with a background in psychology and counseling), and designer of the award-winning cancer-treatment game 'Re-Mission'.

In addition, we are most pleased to announce as speakers Prof. dr. Reinout Wiers (University of Amsterdam) and Hans Luijckx (IJsfontein). Prof. Wiers investigates game-related aspects of developmental psychology, addiction, and cognitive bias modification. Mr. Luijckx is operational manager of numerous projects on playful learning for (public) interactive experiences

Games for Behavioural Change Projects

Moreover, we are proud to showcase the Games for Behavioural Change Projects on which five groups of master student have been working for the past half year. The projects address real-world challenges for Cordaan (well-being of elderly citizens with dementia),Radboud University (anxiety training for children), Mainline (prevention of substance abuse), Hogeschool van Amsterdam (digital privacy awareness), and Wonderwel (technological awareness and wonder).

Attendance to the symposium is free of charge.

Full programme available online