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The easing of the education at the Faculty of Science will take effect on Monday 10 May. In order to make the start of (limited) on-campus education possible for everyone and to give the lecturers time to prepare properly, this date has been chosen.

Both students and employees have been informed about this. In this post you can read what these easings entail.

What can be done again?

  • The faculty aims to offer on-campus education for every student at least one day a week. So that means back to the situation as it was before the lockdown last December.
  • The effective date of the relaxations for the Faculty of Science education is Monday, 10 May, 2021.
  • The general rules remain in force: keep 1.5 meters distance, wear a face mask and stay home if you have symptoms (and then get tested by the GGD).

What will not be possible?

  • It remains the case that only a limited number of people may be in the building at any one time. Because we offer education, it is only possible to allow other activities in the building to a very limited extent.
  • This means that, contrary to the previous UvA corona updates, we only allow education in the building that is part of the timetable. Other activities such as one-on-one (thesis) tutoring, and meetings such as meetings will in principle remain online. Study associations are given room to organise on-campus activities that are limited in scope and clearly related to education. Board members of study associations can also meet in the board room in pairs by appointment.
  • For employees, this means that working from home is and will remain the norm. In this way, we make it possible for others to do necessary work in the building and for students to follow education. In consultation with the supervisor, it may be decided whether work can be performed on campus.

Self tests are available, not mandatory

We are currently working hard to make self-tests available to students and employees free of charge. At least two tests per person per week will be available from the end of April. All information regarding self-testing at the UvA can be read on the 'Health and Prevention' page.

What about the curfew?

Curfew is lifted as of Wednesday, 28 April. This means that some of our buildings will once again be open longer. You can find the most current opening hours of the Faculty of Science buildings here. 

What about the next academic year?

In the new academic year, after the summer, we expect to be able to provide education without restrictions. We are working hard on the preparations and ask everyone to come back to Amsterdam for physical education. Of course, this is subject to change: the development of the pandemic is and remains unpredictable.


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