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Studying online still is the standard and travelling Science Park to study is the exception. Wearing a face mask indoors has already been mandatory as of 1 December. What do the tightened lockdown measures mean in concrete terms for the Faculty of Science?

The standard is studying online. The guidelines are:

• Study online.

• Excluded from the obligation to work or study from home are necessary activities that cannot take place from home, such as practica,lab-related research and management of facilities.

• For those who really cannot study from home due to personal circumstances, there is a limited possibility to come to campus


The impact of the measures on teaching at the Faculty of Science that is scheduled to take place on location in January 2021, including practicals, is currently being inventoried. Should this lead to changes, you will be informed about this through the usual channels. As of 15 December, practica will continue as scheduled.

Education Desk

The Education Desk is physically closed for the time being. The Education Desk can be contacted by telephone every day between 10:00 and 13:00.

Study places

The library at Science Park is open for borrowing books, but not for study places. For the time being, a limited number of study places are available in the city center, we only work with reservations. Study places are only available for those who really cannot study at home.

Face masks mandatory

It is mandatory to wear a face mask in all indoor spaces (corridors, elevators, halls, etc.) of the faculty buildings, except in the classrooms and office areas.

In principle, face masks are not worn in the laboratories. In labs where chemicals or burners are used, mouth masks are not allowed for safety reasons.


For specific situations, advice can be obtained from Erik Duin-Berteling, safety expert and occupational health and safety coordinator of the Faculty of Science.

Mouth masks are not provided by the UvA's facility services. Employees and students must provide a mouth mask themselves.

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