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From Monday 18 May, the current bicycle parking facility next to Science Park 904, building A, will be relocated in sections to the new location at the main entrance to this building. This is in preparation for the construction and preparation of the site for LAB42. During the work, Faculty of Science staff and students can store their bicycles in a temporary bicycle parking facility on the side of the main entrance to building SP904.

Temporary bicycle parking facility

The bicycle racks will take approximately two weeks to move. Bicycle racks with and without bicycles will be moved to the new location. To ensure the safety of staff and students and safety on the construction site, the UvA has set up a temporary bicycle parking facility on the side of building SP904 (see map below). The temporary racks will be installed by Velopa on steel panels. From Monday 18 May, 80 to 100 bicycle spaces will be available at this temporary location.

At the end of June, employees and students will be able to store their bicycles in the new bicycle parking facility near the main entrance. Signposting and a bicycle coach will be present on the site to guide staff and students to the right parking facility.

What will the new bicycle parking facility look like?

The new temporary bicycle parking facility on the site at the main entrance can accommodate 1,600 bicycles. Single-sided and double-sided racks will be installed. The bicycle parking facility is easy to reach by bike from Kruislaan, heading towards the building. Part of the facility is reserved for parking scooters, cargo bikes, motorcycles and special vehicles that should preferably be placed in a dedicated enclosed area.

Installation of cables and pipes

Preparations for the installation of cables and pipes will begin in mid-May at the location where the current bicycle parking facility is located, in readiness for the construction of LAB42 and the preparation of the site. From mid-May, eight small trees will be cut next to the bicycle shed to install the cables and pipes. New trees will be returned to the area after construction.

Questions? or call 020 525 1403.
If you have any questions about the renovation of the bicycle parking facility, please email