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Distance education and/ or studying parttime

Distance education and/ or studying parttime

The master programme AI does not offer the possibility of distance education, because students need to attend classes and practicals in order to do the master programme successfully. We do not recommend doing the master programme parttime, but it is not impossible.

The curriculum schedule of the AI programme is based on doing 2 courses (parallel) fulltime in the periods September-December and February-May. In the periods January and June students normally take 1 course fulltime. Studying part time would amount to taking 1 course instead of 2 , which would result in taking 4 years (instead of 2) to complete the programme.  Furthermore, we only offer the possibility of registering as a regular, fulltime student.

There is a possibility to take a course without registering as a student. Finishing the course is documented in a certificate. Conditions are:

  1. The student must have a Bachelor diploma.
  2. The teacher of the course gives permission (on the basis of prior knowledge and capacity of the course)
  3. Student pays the registration fee of 200 Euro per EC