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Blackboard maintenance, Friday morning, 14 July

1 June 2017

Blackboard will be upgraded on Friday, 14 July from 4 to 6 am. During this maintenance work, Blackboard will be available in read-only mode only.

Read-only mode

If you wish to access Blackboard between 4:00 and 6:00, go to https://blackboard.uva.nl and log on in read-only mode. You will NOT be able to edit or upload information in this mode. Any information you enter will NOT be saved. However, you can download or view information as long as it was posted before Thursday, 6 July at 13:00. Any information posted between Thursday, 6 July at 13:00 and Friday, 14 July at 4:00 will not be visible in read-only mode.

What will be improved by the upgrade?

The system will be more stable and secure thanks to the upgrade. New functionalities will be added, such as ‘drag and drop’ to make uploading documents easier. And in the upgraded Blackboard, when you submit an assignment you’ll receive confirmation.

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