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'Time to say goodbye'

19 May 2017 - By Sara-Jane van der Vegt, study adviser: 'As a study adviser, I’m not very happy with you if you never leave the Master’s, but maybe we can do one more day?'

Sara-Jane van der Vegt


The entire week I had the song ‘Time to say goodbye’ by Andrea Bocelli in my head without having the slightest idea why. Then it hit me. It was the week of the Graduation Ceremony. And that always fills me with two feelings; sadness and utter pride. Sadness, because you have to say goodbye to so many brilliant students you bonded with over the year. You helped them through their sorrows, laughed with them during Master’s information events or even worked together with them for quite some time. But also pride; because you know they’ve worked so hard to get where they are now and overcame the most stressful times of their life (a.k.a. their Master’s thesis) without a mental breakdown... You see them full of joy with their degree certificate in their hands surrounded by the people they love. Parents flown in from Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and everywhere else. Even 98-year-old grandmothers make the trip from the other side of the country to see their precious graduate. And everyone has such great plans; travelling to Peru, starting a job in Amsterdam or even in Latin America or just chilling for a bit (maybe even the best).

And everyone puts on his best behaviour to make this day the best day possible. Edith, our director, dresses up in her formal toga. I have the deepest respect for that in this weather (someone please give that lady a ventilator!). Phones working overtime to take that particular shot (yes, please fake placing your signature on your diploma one more time, so I have a better photo for Instagram!). Oh and the dresses. Girls, let me say one thing: I just love the way you dress up. Let’s introduce that to our regular classrooms.

And I know there’s a time of coming and a time of leaving. And to be honest, as a study adviser, I’m not very happy with you if you never leave the Master’s, but maybe we can do one more day? One more day of celebrating your achievements, time to reflect upon the crazy things you did when you were still a student and one more day to say goodbye. 

Well I guess not, but I won’t say goodbye. We will meet again! I’m sure of it.

But for now; congrats and good luck in the bright future you have ahead of you!

Sara-Jane van der Vegt works as a study adviser at the Graduate School of Communication and writes Dutch travel blogs at in her spare time. 

Published by  GSC

19 May 2017