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Hello, goodbye

1 September 2017 - By Sara-Jane van der Vegt, study adviser: 'Being a study adviser in university is like a marriage; you’re there for your students, for better or for worse.'

Sara-Jane van der Vegt

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year; the Introduction Day. That is the first day we’re meeting the new students. It’s my role to welcome everybody and to introduce them to the Graduate School of Communication. So, I’m basically the first impression these 250 new brilliant students will get from the school (so help us all). But they are also the first impression I’m getting for the new academic year. And that moment is exactly what I love. I see the anticipation in their eyes, the drive, the motivation of what is about to come.

And what is about to come? A good education? A preparation for a dream job? A tough year? Struggle? Friends for life? Or maybe even a relationship? And the best thing is; us study advisors are going to be there for the ride.

Being a study adviser in university is like a marriage; you’re there for your students, for better or for worse. You raise the glass during the Graduation Ceremony or you join for a beer after another successful session of Communication Science on the Spot. You run 16k with them during the Dam tot Damloop (I’m still in doubt whether that is for better or worse). But your office is also stocked with tissues in case things didn’t work out the way your student planned. And it always fulfills me with joy when you are able to get them back on track or ease their pain by listening to their troubles.

But after the ‘Hello’ yesterday, it is almost time to say ‘Goodbye’ again, because soon I won’t be a study adviser anymore. I’m much looking forward to my new adventures, but it pains me a little to say goodbye. Because I loved to be there for that ride. And don’t worry, I’ll still be working for the GSC so you will see me around, no need to cry yourselves to sleep yet. You’ll be in good hands with the other study advisers. Those lovely ladies are the best. They raise glasses and hand out tissues like no other.

For now, I’ll just stick around for a bit. I’ll check in with the student representatives and our student assistants. I guess it’s like Rose said to Jack (if you don’t get this reference, Google it!); I’ll never let go… Well, not completely anyways.

Sara-Jane van der Vegt works at the Graduate School of Communication and writes Dutch travel blogs in her spare time at 

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1 September 2017