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Work, work, work!

14 December 2016 - By Lonneke van de Ven, Master's student Corporate Communication: 'Do you know the feeling that a mere 24 hours a day and seven days a week are not nearly enough time to complete everything you want to do?'

Lonneke van de Ven

Days are getting shorter, buildings and streets are decorated with beautiful lights, and ‘pepernoten’ (Dutch holiday treats) have been replaced by Christmas cookies: the Christmas holidays are almost here! But before it’s time to relax and have some nice dinners, I have two group assignments that need to be completed. And unfortunately, this is more work than I expected.  

Do you know the feeling that a mere 24 hours a day and seven days a week are not nearly enough time to complete everything you want to do? I think that, at a certain  moment, every student will experience such a situation. Especially in the weeks before the Christmas holidays, when exams and deadlines are waiting just around the corner. So honestly I have to say that my stress level is increasing little by little every day. But the good thing is: there are only two weeks left!

For both seminars I am taking this semester (Strategic Communication in Organisations and Strategic Communication of Organisations), we have to complete a group research project. This means that we came up with a topic we would like to investigate, searched for related theories, formulated hypotheses and ran the analyses. Like all groups, we of course also hope to end up with some interesting results.

For Strategic Communication of Organisations, my group would like to examine what happened with Heineken’s online media reputation during the Olympic Games in 2016. After all, the Holland Heineken House was the central topic on their social media during those three weeks. (As a loyal watcher of the Olympic Games, I was very happy with this topic.) A content analysis on 28 Facebook posts, 33 Twitter posts, 22 Instagram posts and the corresponding user likes and comments, was performed to analyse whether the promotion of the Holland Heineken House on social media affects Heineken’s online media reputation. We found some surprising results, which actually contradict the literature we read. This has led to the  most difficult part, which we are currently working on: explaining why the promotion of the Holland Heineken House positively influences Heineken’s online media reputation only on Twitter and not on the other platforms. Unfortunately, finding explanations is not my strongest point. However, the positive thing about group work is that everyone has other capabilities, so I predict that in the end it will be fine.

So for now: work, work, work, and then a well-deserved two-week break!

Lonneke van de Ven (22) is currently enrolled in the Master’s programme in Communication Science (track Corporate Communication). Her expected year of graduation is 2017.

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14 December 2016