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Time to think about the future?

13 April 2017 - By Lonneke van de Ven, Master's student Corporate Communication: 'I formulated three tips which hopefully will help you to structure the search for your dream job.'

Lonneke van de Ven

More than half of my Master’s programme in Corporate Communication is done. I can tell you, time flies! Only three months left until I am (hopefully) graduated. This makes me think about some serious business: what am I going to do after my Master’s? Which kind of jobs put a smile on my face? And what type of company am I looking for? Enough questions to think about. Since I’m probably not the only one who is struggling with “the future”, I formulated three tips which hopefully will help you to structure the search for your dream job.

1. Sign up for In-house days

In my opinion, In-house days are one of the best ways to get to know a company in a relatively short amount of time. You can see it as a possibility to meet the company and experience the atmosphere. During the day you are able to talk to young professionals and most likely work on a case that represents the type of work in the company. I visited Nestlé, Unilever and RTL and can say that it is very helpful to get to know what you want (and what not). If this is something that you are interested in, you can check out the website of Integrand or a general website that provides information about In-house days.

2. Search for online vacancies

An easier way to discover what you’re looking for in a job is to read current vacancies. It’s not only a good resource to see what you like, but also to reveal what types of vacancies companies mostly have. Are you for example interested in online marketing, producing content or do you want to become a communication consultant? Communication science is a very broad field which means  there are plenty of opportunities. So a useful tip: just check your LinkedIn (or other vacancy websites) regularly and stay up-to-date about what’s happening in this branch.

3. Make a list with 'wants and won’ts'

When you have a more concrete idea about the type of company you want to work for as well as the type of job you would like, you can make a list for yourself with the aspects you’re looking for and most importantly: why. This way, you create a clear summary which includes everything you like about certain jobs and what not. This can also be very helpful when you actually start applying for jobs, since it makes it easier to argue your choices.

Speaking for myself, let’s first finish my Master’s thesis and then I hope to find that dream job for which I’ve studied all those years!

Lonneke van de Ven (22) is currently enrolled in the Master’s programme in Communication Science (track Corporate Communication). Her expected year of graduation is 2017.

Published by  GSC

13 April 2017