UvA Students

Study programmes

Accountancy and Control (Master's)
Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance (Master's)
Amsterdam EXchange programme – Amsterdam Law School
Amsterdam Exchange Programme – Social Sciences
Archaeology (Research Master's)
Archaeology: Archaeology of North-Western Europe (Master's)
Archaeology: Landscape and Heritage (Master's)
Archaeology: Mediterranean Archaeology (Master's)
Artificial Intelligence (Master's)
Arts and Culture: Art Studies (Research Master's)
Arts and Culture: Artistic Research (Research Master's)
Arts and Culture: Comparative Cultural Analysis (Master's)
Arts and Culture: Cultural Analysis (Research Master's)
Arts and Culture: Dutch Art (Master's)
Arts and Culture: Dutch Golden Age Studies (Research Master's)
Arts and Culture: International Dramaturgy (Master's)
Arts and Culture: Musicology (Master's)
Arts and Culture: Theatre Studies (Master's)
Astronomy and Astrophysics (Master's)
Biological Sciences (Master's)
Biomedical Sciences (Master's)
Brain and Cognitive Sciences (Master's)
Business Administration (Master's)
Business Economics (Master's)
Chemistry (Master's)
Child Development and Education (Research Master's)
Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Ancient History (Master's)
Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Ancient Studies (Master's)
Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Classics (Master's)
Communication Science (Bachelor's)
Communication Science (Master's)
Communication Science (Research Master's)
Communication and Information Studies: Discourse and Argumentation studies (Master's)
Communication and Information Studies: Rhetoric, Argumentation theory, and Philosophy (Research Master's)
Computational Science (Master's)
Conflict Resolution and Governance (Master's)
Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (Master's)
Contemporary Asian Studies (Master's)
Cultural and Social Anthropology (Master's)
Earth Sciences (Master's)
Econometrics (Master's)
Economics (Master's)
Economics and Business (Bachelor's)
Entrepreneurship (joint degree VU and UvA)
European Private law (Master's)
European Studies (bachelor)
European Studies: East European Studies (Master's)
European Studies: European Policy (Master's)
European Studies: Governing Europe (Master's)
European Studies: Identity and Integration (Master's)
Forensic Science (Master's)
Heritage Studies: Heritage and Memory Studies (Master's)
Heritage Studies: Museum Studies (Master's)
Heritage Studies: Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image (Master's)
History: American Studies (Master's)
History: Holocaust and Genocide Studies (Master's)
Human Geography (Master's)
Information Law (Research Master's)
Information Studies (Master's)
International Criminal Law (Master's)
International Development Studies (Master's)
International Development Studies (Research Master's)
International and European Law: European Competition Law and Regulation (Master's)
International and European Law: European Union Law (Master's)
International and European Law: International Trade and Investment Law (Master's)
International and European Law: Public International Law (Master's)
Labour Law: European and International Labour Law (Master's)
Liberal Arts and Sciences (Bachelor's)
Life Sciences (Master's)
Linguistics (Research Master's)
Linguistics: General Linguistics (Master's)
Linguistics: Language and Education (Master's)
Linguistics: Language and Society (Master's)
Literary Studies (Research Master's)
Literary Studies: Comparative Literature (Master's)
Literary Studies: English literature and Culture (Master's)
Literary Studies: Literary and Cultural Analysis (Bachelor's)
Literary Studies: Literature and Education (Master's)
Literary Studies: Literature, Culture and Society (Master's)
Logic (Master's)
Mathematical Physics (Master's)
Mathematics (Master's)
Media Studies (Research Master's)
Media Studies: Film Studies (Master's)
Media Studies: New Media and Digital Culture (Master's)
Media Studies: Television and Cross-Media Culture (Master's)
Media and Information (Bachelor's)
Medical Anthropology and Sociology (Master's)
Medical Informatics (Master's)
Middle Eastern Studies: Hebrew and Jewish Studies (Master's)
Philosophy (Master's)
Philosophy (Research Master's)
Physics (Master's)
Physics and Astronomy (Master's)
Political Science (Master's)
Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (bachelor)
Psychology (Research Master's)
Public International Law (Research Master's)
Social Sciences (Research Master's)
Sociology (Master's)
Software Engineering (Master's)
Stochastics and Financial Mathematics (Master's)
System and Network Engineering (Master's)
Theology and Religious Studies: Religious Studies (Master's)
Theology and Religious Studies: Religious Studies (Research Master's)
Theology and Religious Studies: Western Esotericism (Master's)
Urban Studies (Research Master's)
Urban and Regional Planning (Master's)