UvA Students


Do I need to register for UvA VPN?

No. You may use UvA VPN if you have the appropriate VPN-software and a valid UvAnetID and a password.

What requirements do I have to fulfil for VPN?

To use VPN, you have to be a University of Amsterdam (UvA) student and have a valid UvA-net ID. You also have to have a computer which is compatible with VPN and have enough rights to install the required software.

Which login name do I use for UvA VPN?

You should log in with your UvAnetID and the accompanying password to access UvA VPN.

What are the minimum requirements of my computer for VPN?

Preferably, you have a computer with the following:  

  • -Mac OS X 10.7.3 64 bit
  • Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise 64 bit 

How can I get the required software and manuals for VPN?

Go to Download UvAVPN in the navigation bar on the left to download the required software and manuals for VPN. To set up VPN correctly, you must follow the VPN manual. 

May I leave the VPN connection open?

Yes, the idle timer is set to 120 minutes.

What should I do if I cannot log in?

First check whether you are using the correct UvA-net ID and password. Then try again later. New VPN users should consult the manual. It describes how to properly configure VPN.

Where can I see why I cannot log in?

Via the Pulse Secure screen you are able to save logging information to a log file. In the Pulse Secure VPN-client, go to the toolbar at the top of the screen and click on File and then Logs and Save as (File>Logs>Save as). This information could prove useful to the Service Desk in trying to solve your login problem.

How does UvA protect against the Bleeding Heart bug?

One of the controls taken against the ‘Bleeding Heart’ bug is to replace the security certificate in the VPN node. Linux users will need to replace the certificate with the new one. The new certificate is found under Download software.

Published by  ICT Services

8 October 2018