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How do I get a (new) student ID card? What can I use my student ID card for? How and where do I top up credit on my student ID card? On this page you will find the answers to questions concerning the student ID card.

How do I apply for a student ID card?

  • When you become a student at the UvA, you first have to request a Student ID card. For this you need a UvAnetID (every starting student receives an email with a UvAnetID and password)
  • Go to myuvacard to upload your passport photo for the Student ID card. Please ensure that your passport photo satisfies at least the following criteria:
  1. It must be a clear, recent passport-quality passport photo. The photo must be clear and detailed and must provide sufficient contrast (not too light or too dark).
  2. It must be a good likeness of you.
  3. The file must be a JPEG file.
  4. The file must be no smaller than 50 KB and no bigger than 3 MB.
  5. Your face (chin, mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows) must be fully visible, even with head covering, and you must be facing forwards.
  6. The main part of the photo must be your face.
  7. The photo must be of one person only.
  8. The photo can be colour or black and white.
  9. Photos with a Snapchat (or similar) filter are not permitted.

Please note: Your student ID card  also serves as a proof of identity. When you use an unclear or unusable picture your student ID card will not be considered valid.

  • If you are starting your programme in September, the card will be sent to the address that you registered in August. Please note: if you registered an international address you will receive an email to let you know where you can pick up your student ID card. 
  • When your card is ready you will receive an email on when and where to come and collect it. You will need to present a valid proof of identity (ID card or passport).
  • After you receive your card, go as soon as possible – and before 1 October – to a service point to activate your student ID card. You will need to present your new student ID card plus a valid proof of identity (ID card or passport). The locations of the service points are listed below.

Please note: You will also need to activate your student ID card so that you can use it to make payments.

What do I need a student ID card for?

You can use your student ID card to:

  • confirm your identity when attending classes, for exams and when using study centres at all UvA locations
  • borrow books from the university library or the university of applied sciences library
  • gain access to certain floors of the Amsterdam Science Park
  • get student discounts offered by the University Sports Centre (USC), the student cultural organisation CREA, etc.
  • make payments:
    ​- at the vending machines selling hot and cold drinks and sweets
    ​- for using printers
    - at the library information desks (in addition to using a debit card)
    - at the catering locations

How and where do I top up credit on my Student ID card?

You can top up your card online via myNetPay (new window) or at charging points at UvA and AUAS locations. For information see Paying at the UvA.

Where can I find the UvA Service Points?

  • Roeterseiland Campus
    You will find the Student Service Desk at Roeterseiland Campus, Roeterstraat 11, building E, mail hall ground floor.
  • Amsterdam Science Park
    The library information desk serves as a service point at the Amsterdam Science Park. It is open Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 22:00.
  • University Quarter
    The service point is the reference desk of the Information Centre at the UB Singel (first floor). It is open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 23:45. On Saturday, it is open from 10:00 to 18:00.

What should I do in the event of loss or theft?

  • You can block your student ID card via myuvacard and at any of the service points.
  • Apply for a new student ID card from myuvacard.nl (payment via iDeal). A new student ID card costs €15 (covering production, administration and postage costs).
  • Was your card stolen and did you report the theft to the police? Take the police report to one of the service desks to apply for a new student ID card free of charge.
  • You will receive an email telling you when you can pick up your new student ID card. The credit on your old student ID card will automatically be loaded onto your new card.

What is the difference between a student ID card and proof of enrolment?

The student ID card is not proof of enrolment. The proof of enrolment will be sent by email to the address specified in Studielink after you have met all conditions for enrolment and your tuition fees have been paid.

Contact Service Desk Facility Services (FS)

T: 020 525 1403
E: servicedesk-fs@uva.nl

Facility services forms

Access all the forms you need to report malfunctions, submit and keep track of reports: www.uva.nl/fs-meldingen (new window).

Published by  University of Amsterdam

4 December 2018