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After graduation

As you are about to graduate, it's natural to focus on what comes next. There are multiple options for graduates, including finding a job, continuing to study at postgraduate level, applying for a PhD position or taking some time off. There is also the question of whether to go back to your home country, stay in the Netherlands – at least for a couple of years – or move on to another place.

Although completing your Master's is often time-consuming and sometimes stressful, it is wise to start thinking about what comes next while your are still enrolled. Let the UvA Student Careers Centre help you explore all the options open to you in order to help you achieve what you ultimately want.

During your time at the UvA you have been developing a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience. Some students will go on to pursue a career directly related to their degree subject, while others will opt to use their skills and experience in new areas.

Stay or go?

You may already know where you want to live and work after graduation. But if you are not sure what to do and what suits you best, take some time to consider your options. Whether you want to stay in the Netherlands, go back to your home country or move on to another place in the world depends on a variety of factors. Your personal preferences, which are sometimes difficult to describe, play a major role in the decision-making process. Other factors include the economic situation, work permits, labour market developments, your (and your family's) financial situation, as well as personal relationships, friends and acquaintances.

An individual appointment with one of the Career Advisers at the Student Careers Centre may help you gain insight into your goals and options. For information about the rules and regulations concerning working in the Netherlands, see the work permit page below.

Starting your career

If you feel you want to put your knowledge into practice, starting your career may seem exciting and also challenging. Find out more about how and where to begin your search for an interesting starting point of your career at the ‘Getting started' page.

Continuing your studies after graduation

For many students, continuing to study at the Master's or postgraduate level is an attractive option. Whatever you choose, be sure to consider your goals thoroughly. Before making a commitment to another degree programme, examine your long-term goals, both personal and professional. Why do you want to take another degree programme? Do you really want to study a particular subject or are you just not sure what direction to take? Find the answers to these questions by gathering as much information as possible. Conduct extensive research before committing to a programme.

If you have difficulty making the right choice, you can make an appointment with one of the Career Advisers of the Student Careers Centre.

Pursuing a PhD

If your ambition is to pursue an academic career, or if you see a PhD title as an essential asset for achieving your long-term goals, then applying for a PhD position might be the right path for you. The academic staff and programme manager of your department can give you more information about (upcoming) vacancies and research programmes. The services of the Student Careers Centre might be useful in helping you to acquire such a position.

Taking time off

After having completed university, you may feel that starting a career is a step too far, and a step too fast. There are many opportunities available if you are interested in taking time off, seeing the world, following your passion or doing volunteer work.


Do you have a unique idea to market or are you eager to work independently? Then starting your own business might be right for you. You can find in-depth information about setting up a business via the Dutch Chamber of Commerce website below.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

2 June 2016