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University Forum members announced

12 December 2017

The UvA will launch a University Forum in January 2018. The randomised selection process recently took place and the new members have now been announced.

An invitation was sent to 10 randomly selected persons (according to rank number) for each of the 61 available seats. A seat was allocated to the person with the lowest rank number to accept the invitation.


The selected staff members are: Jenny Batson, Lucinda Bertels, Janna Besamusca, Amieke Bouma, Mark Buijs, Rob Cornelisse, Patrick Decowski, Els Diekerhof, Willemijn van Dolen, Gaston Franssen, Marieke de Goede, F.J.M. Groen, Anja van Heelsum, Rob Heemskerk, Geert van der Heijden, Gosia Herudzinska, Marie-Elise van den Hoek Ostende, Britt de Jong, Teresa Klerkx, Nynke Kruiderink, Christa-Maria Lerm-Hayes, Alexander Ly, Sandra Marshall, Margaret Oomen-Ronden, Carla Ribeiro, Anja Sommavilla, Maarten Soudijn, Rob Schwitters, Hagay Shemesz, Karin Venetis, Louis Vermeulen, Rian Verpalen, Philippe Versijp, Marij Veugelers, Harry van der Zijden en Cor Zonneveld.

The selected student members are: Devrim Aslan, Lena Doppenberg, Marten Folkertsma, Boudewijn Greven, Allison Hatch, Elise Hoogerdijk, Nicolien Janssens, Lasse Liebrand, Daniëlla Maksimović, Tudor Maxim, Alex Moret, Katinka Rasch, Marel van Ruissen, Nina Salomons, Jülide Saricaoğlu, Yannick Stouthart en Daan Wierdsma.

After an initial positive response, one staff member decided to turn down a seat. The next staff member in this category will now be approached. For seven seats – two for PhD researchers, two for academic staff on a temporary contract, and three for students – not one of the 10 randomly selected candidates accepted nomination to the Forum. These seats will remain vacant as outlined in the regulations.

Besides the aforementioned staff and student representatives, the Forum will also include members from the Executive Board, the faculty deans, the diversity officer and the chair of the University of Amsterdam Ethics Committee (AIEC). The Forum will start with 66 members in total.

The University Forum will publicly convene three times in 2018. The first meeting will take place on Thursday, 25 January.

Published by  University of Amsterdam